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Blambangan Foodpackers Indonesia is one of the leading shelf-stable seafood companies in Indonesia.  The company produces up to 6 million cans of sardines, mackerel and tuna per month.  Aside from its own products, Blambangan also produces OEM for several highly recognized international companies that sell their products throughout Asia.




Suryajaya Abadiperkasa is another leading FMCG company in Indonesia.  Its brand CIP is a household brand name in Indonesia.  Its products are not only marketed locally but also exported to other countries.  Products ranges from corned beef, ready to eat meals, mushrooms (both canned and fresh), sausages, and many others.  The company has received certifications from the FDA, British Retail Consortium, HACCP, and others.



National Utility Helicopters is a highly recognized aviation company for support in the oil-and-gas sector, mining, heavy lift and plantation for both MNCs and local companies. The Company has been established for 40 years and has an excellent safety record.

Website: http://www.nuhelicopters.com/

Youtube: https://youtu.be/_s7qnqIfFcA


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